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Filippo Cea organic almond

A precious gem from the land of Puglia, the Toritto organic almond, Filippo Cea cultivar, is a concentrate of energy, vitamins, proteins and mineral salts. It helps us fight cholesterol and slow down cellular aging.

Almonds are recommended in all diets including vegan and vegetarian.

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Filippo Cea

The Filippo Cea almond has an exceptional organoleptic profile, it is very nutritious, rich in proteins, vitamins (especially vitamin B and vitamin E), fats and mineral salts such as magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and iron, it is also characterized by a very low acidity .
The Filippo Cea almond provides the body with an important charge of energy, has an antioxidant action in the body thanks to the significant quantities of tocopherol (a fundamental component of vitamin E), which reduces or slows down the aging process, fighting the relaxation of the skin and wrinkles; the presence of phytosterols and fibers are a valid aid to the entire cardiovascular system by fighting cholesterol, but the Toritto almond also extends its benefits to the intestine.
The presence of polyunsaturated fats is a very important feature. The richness of essential oils (59.57%) of which almost 74% of oleic acid followed by 18.6% of linoleic acid and a small part of palmitic acid, give the almond an intense and persistent taste.
The marked mellowness and its balanced flavor with final notes of butter make it ideal for use in confectionery.