With the commitment and the satisfaction of seeing our oil increasingly appreciated by consumers, the prizes and awards have also arrived. In 2016 our monocultivar oil “Coratina” obtained the Extra Gold medal and the “Silletta” monocultivar the Silver medal in the “Biol Novello” competition.

The following year our monocultivar oil “Coratina” obtained the Extra Gold medal and the monocultivar “Silletta” the Silver medal both in the “Biol Novello” competition and in the “Biol 2017” competition.

Even in 2018 our oil has distinguished itself internationally. Our monocultivar “Peranzana” obtained the Gold medal in the “Biol 2018” competition, while the monocultivar “Coratina” obtained several prizes such as the Extra Gold medal in the “Biol 2018” competition, the Gold Medal at the Olive Japan 2018 and the Gold Award at the “New York International Olive Oil Competition 2018”.

The July 2017 magazine of “Gambero Rosso” has dedicated a review to the monocultivar “Coratina” giving it a score of 89/100. We were subsequently included in the Gambero Rosso guide “Oli d’Italia 2018”.

Our “Coratina” has been selected and inserted in the famous “Flos Olei 2018”, a worldwide guide to extra virgin olive oil published in two languages ​​ (Italian-English).

Known by professionals, these awards have marked our path and we are proud to be able to include them among the stages reached in these years.

Our awards

BIOL is an award reserved for organic extra virgin olive oils, it represents a worldwide reference point for the whole olive oil sector.

There are more than 300 producers from over 17 different countries in the world, distributed in all 5 continents, participating in the rigorous examination carried out by international tasting groups and qualified chemical laboratories selected and established by BIOL to offer a complete, reliable and updated panorama every year.

Through its permanent and qualified technical staff and the international network of which it is a promoter, BIOL offers a technical training, information and research service able to meet the needs of growers and producers of oil around the world attentive to the quality of the product at 360°, both from an ethical and environmental point of view.

BIOL also publishes the world guide for the best organic extra virgin olive oils, with cards and sensorial profiles of the winners and oils awarded with Extragold Medals, offering a qualified service to buyers and distribution groups.

BIOLNOVELLO is an international exhibition dedicated to organic extra virgin olive oils of the new season that are produced before the 15th November of each year.

FLOS OLEI is a project  born as an International Competition open to the best olive production companies and is developed as a Guide dedicated to  extra virgin olive oils worldwide, strictly selected by a panel of expert tasters coordinated by Marco Oreggia, journalist and food and wine critic. Flos Olei represents a true permanent showcase, which becomes an informative and educational guide to the purchase and consumption of extra virgin olive oil, too often trivialized and relegated to the category of simple fat.

NYIOOC New York International Olive Oil Competition is the most prestigious award in the world dedicated to extra virgin olive oil.

This year the best judges in the field have analyzed approximately 1000 oils from 28 extra vergin oil producing countries by setting the winners for each category.

OLIVE JAPAN International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition, with more than 700 oils registered every year, is one of the premier olive oil competitions in the world  bringing together the highest levels of quality and professionalism in awarding medals to the best oils from around the globe.

GAMBERO ROSSO is among the most famous wine and food magazines in the world. Wie are really proud to be among the pages of this milestone of culinary culture that has dedicated a space to our biologic coratina monocultivar in the magazine number 306 of July 2017.

Gambero Rosso has also selected us among the best national oils, inserting us in the guide “Oli D’Italia” 2018.