Le cultivar e il territorio


Definita più volte il polmone dell’olivicoltura italiana, la Puglia rappresenta una fonte inesauribile di varietà e prodotti di altissimo livello. Si piazza al primo posto nella classifica delle regioni con la più elevata soglia produttiva e al terzo posto nel mondo dopo la Spagna e Tunisia.

Azienda Agricola De Palma produces organic extra virgin olive oil and organic almonds. The property extends over 65 hectares on the Apulian hills near Bari.

The area is characterized by the presence of vast olive oil groves and almond trees. Our predominant variety is the typical “Coratina” which has a very low acidity level and a very high quantity of polyphones, three times more than other varieties.

Our company follows with scrupulous attention every stage of the production chain in order to obtain  an excellent quality. Everything begins from the growing techniques that don’t require any types of pesticides or fertilizers. This guarantees high quality and a product that is 100% certified organic according to the European Regulation.

Raccolta e molitura

We generally harvest in October and immediately after the olives are transported to the mill to be cold pressed in vacuum conditions.

We bring our olives to a “MORI” mill which is one of the most performing at the moment. It allows to work without any stop and to get the process finished in 15/20 minutes to get the highest quality olive oil.

The crusher is separated and provided with an inverter for crushing turns regulation. The handling of oxygen at the crusher inlet is a very important factor allowing the formation of lipoxygenase, thus of flavours;

In order to reach the highest quality, the paste Malaxation is made at 19°/20° inside closed vertical malaxers, which are designed to obtain light vacuum.

The olive oil is always filtered right away to eliminate any residue that could compromise product quality over the time.

Le cultivar dell’olio



Our Coratina has an intense, beautiful and a limpid golden yellow color with slight green hues. Its aroma is full and rotund, rich with fragrant hints of mint and rosemary, together with definite notes of almond, cinnamon and black pepper.

Its taste is endowed with an ample vegetal flavor, with definite notes of artichoke and wild thistle, chicory and lettuce. Bitterness is powerful and pungency is distinct.

It would be ideal on bruschetta with tomatoes, artichoke salad, marinated tuna, roast radicchio, bean soup, pasta with sausages, baked red meat or game, hard mature cheese.


A delicate and light feature characterizes Peranzana single variety

The fruit is characterized by a medium size and is harvested strictly by hand.

The olive is dark green with elegant and refined scents. A fruity medium green enriched by delicious hints of almonds, dried fruits, artichokes and tomatoes.

Initially the taste is quite sweet which becomes intense and persistent, slightly bitter and with a surprisingly spicy flavor.

La cultivar delle mandorle


Filippo Cea

“Filippo Cea” almond has an exceptional organoleptic profile, is very nutritious, rich in protein, vitamins (especially vitamin B and vitamin E), fatty acids and mineral salts such as magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and iron, it is also characterized by a very low acidity.

Filippo Cea almond provides an important energy boost.  Thanks to the large amount of tocopherol, a key ingredient of vitamin E, it has an antioxidant action and it reduces or slows down the aging process by combating skin relaxation and wrinkles.

The presence of phytosterols and fibers is a valuable aid to the entire cardiovascular system by combating cholesterol, but Toritto almond extends its benefits to the intestine too in case of constipation.

The presence of polyunsaturated fats is a very important feature. The wealth of essential oils (59.57%) of which nearly 74% of oleic acid followed by 18.6% linoleic acid and a small portion of palmitic acid give the almond an intense and persistent taste.

The almond skin contains more than 20 antioxidants (flavonoids, widely known for their antioxidant activity). In particular, they would prevent the accumulation and oxidation of cholesterol (also thanks to the presence of vegetable fats in the pulp of the almond)

The chemicals in the skin of the fruit enhance the activity of white blood cells and prevent viruses from spreading. The almond peel would also be effective against the herpes simplex virus, which would cause cold sores.

Almond Filippo Cea is a Slow Food Presidium, a true natural supplement; we recommend about 30 grams per day to combat the effects of time.

Its distinctly pasty and has a balanced taste with fine buttery notes that makes it ideal for pastry making.