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Organic extra virgin olive oils

It is an elixir of life, a concentrate of antioxidants that fight free radicals, it has an innumerable series of
therapeutic properties as well as being the condiment par excellence: organic extra virgin olive oil, the king of
Apulian tables which extends its gastronomic kingdom around the world.

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Extra virgin olive oil is a fundamental component of the Mediterranean diet and as such it has been the subject of research and studies to identify which characteristics it possesses, to keep those who use it in good health.

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Variety of autochthonous plant typical of the Bari area, our coratina boasts a low acidity rate, an extremely limited number of peroxides, and a high quantity of polyphenols, three times greater than other cultivars. The latter are essential in the fight against free radicals, slow down cellular aging and are a true elixir of youth.
One of the most important polyphenols present in Coratina oil is oleuropein, responsible for its bitter taste. Beneficial properties against numerous diseases are attributed to oleuropein.
Another very important polyphenol present in Coratina oil is olecanthal, a substance with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties similar to ibuprofen
This cultivar is so valuable that it is used by many producers to correct low quality oils. Its oil is intensely green fruity, with hints of fresh grass and leaves, the taste is decisively bitter and spicy with vegetal notes of leafy vegetables, almond and artichoke.


Cultivated, produced and bottled in Puglia, “Fusion” represents the 2020 novelty and is characterized by a monocultivar blend of Ogliarola, Leccino and Frantoio olives present in our Toritto (BA) countryside.
A light fruity oil, golden yellow color with light green hues.
On the palate it has a sweet taste and a pleasant spicy aftertaste.
Its balanced flavor together with the very low acidity make it a healthy and extremely versatile oil in the kitchen.
Our “green leaf” Fusion Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced from olives harvested between October and November which are cold-processed, within a maximum of 3/4 hours from beating, in our trusted oil mill.

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