Extra Virgin Olive Oil Monocultivar Coratina

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A precious Extra virgin olive oil with bitter and spicy notes, coming from a variety of native plant typical of the Bari area.


Slightly bitter due to the high concentration of oleuropein the main polyphenol present in the leaves and fruits of the olive tree.

Our organic extra virgin olive oil from Coratina cultivar is certified BioAgriCert and D.O.P “Terra di Bari”.

Our Coratina has an intense, beautiful and a limpid golden yellow color with slight green hues. Its aroma is full and rotund, rich with fragrant hints of mint and rosemary, together with definite notes of almond, cinnamon and black pepper. Its taste is endowed with an ample vegetal flavor, with definite notes of artichoke and wild thistle, chicory and lettuce. Bitterness is powerful and pungency is distinct.
It would be ideal on bruschetta with tomatoes, artichoke salad, marinated tuna, roast radicchio, bean soup, pasta with sausages, baked red meat or game, hard mature cheese.

  • 100% Italian product
  • Grown and bottled in Puglia Available in the

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  • 0,50 l dark green glass bottle
  • 3l bag in box

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Intense golden yellow with light green shades


Full and enveloping rich in hints of fresh grass and leaf


On the palate it has a wide vegetable charge, with nuances of artichoke and wild thistle, chicory and lettuce. Bitter and spicy.